New Business Leads

New Business Leads

Tired of paying for New Business Leads list, having only a few leads out of hundreds of supposedly targeted companies in your niche convert to actual sales? Then check out this 10 minute video on finding out on how to find targeted leads on Yellow Pages

How many New Business Leads do you need to meet your financial goals month after month? What does each lead cost your business and what is each leader worth? How many more sales could you make if you spent more time focused on the most qualified leads?

If you do not know all the answers to these questions, or you know the answer and know that the fuel your sales process burns through is leads, This  product  Yellow Pages Spider can help you out!

So what exactly are people using this for?

Many of the people who are using this software are using it to sell websites to companies, contractors, painters, electricians, plumbers, etc…
For those that already have websites, some are selling mobile web sites.
A customer that manages a large sports supplements distributor is using it to find new stores to sell to. He’s now able to search in Europe and tap into markets he never imagined before!
Another user is beginning to integrate Yelp into their application and process reviews for reputation purposes.
I’ve set up a friend just to do competitive analysis of his own market.

Download the trial version here!